Women ... Who Can Understand Them? YOU CAN ... That's Who.

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From The Desk Of:  Scot McKay

In Order To GET Women...You Have To UNDERSTAND Them First!


Dear Friend:

Let's face it. It's really easy to go through life with a false sense of security...thinking it's not all that important to understand women very well. After all, what guy does?

But right here, right now, it's time to be brutally honest:  If you don't know what's going on in a woman's mind...you're pretty much toast.

Want proof? Well, let's see...have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions--especially after a first date with a woman that didn't exactly go as expected?


  How come we can never seem to tell what a woman's thinking, even though she is able to see right through us?

  How can it be that the magazines and romance novels that women devour talk about sex nonstop, but whenever we bring up the subject with a woman she practically runs away?

  Why it is that when we ask women what they want from a man, they're never happy when we give them exactly what they said they wanted?

  Even if she was clearly having a great time on the first date, she doesn't answer the phone anymore. What's up with that?

  What in the world causes a woman who says she wants a nice guy in her life to end up with a stark raving idiot/jerk for a boyfriend?

  If women want a man who can "take charge" and be a leader, how come they're always trying to be in control themselves instead?

  Why do women say they want a man they can talk to, but always seem to be giving us the "silent treatment"?

  And worst of all...how can so many other guys all around us "connect" so deeply yet so effortlessly with women who absolutely adore them? What do they know that we don't?


If you're like me, every single one of those questions hits a little too close to home. I mean, they're downright painful to even read, aren't they?

If you're like literally millions of other guys all over the world, attempting to understand and relate to women is the single biggest challenge you'll face in this life.

Frustrating, isn't it? After all, by design it should be perfectly natural for men and women to get together, relate to each other flawlessly, and live happily ever after.

However...even though that's how it should work, that's almost never how it actually does work, right?

Women can often seem like an enigma wrapped in a problem surrounded by a quandary.


"Scot is an incredibly open and intuitive guy. He has the rare combination of understanding how the other side (women) thinks and feels, as well as his own side (men). Emily is one lucky lady to have a man like Scot in her life...that's for sure!"
--Marni Kinrys (The Wing Girl Method)


But allow me to confirm something you probably already suspect is true:  Women really aren't the enemy, nor do they want to be. They're not aliens from another planet or even some other species apart from our own.

Nope. They're human beings just like we are...just the female version, that's all.

That's right, women can be your greatest ally, in fact. And now it's time to capitalize.

Listen, I know this all sounds crazy. But let's put it this way...I've been where you are before. For the first three decades of my life I did what I thought was right when it came to women, only to have my nose rubbed in it, time after time.

I did what I was told would work--even by women themselves--only to have it all backfire in the end. Eventually, I lost my job, my home, and even my wife herself...who moved (with my daughter) three hundred miles away.


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Let me tell you, it was easy to feel like a miserable failure. After all, how can a man do his level best for a woman, only to have her flatly leave him in the end? Nothing could stop her from getting as far away from me as she could...not even the courts!

All I could do was to look in the mirror and ask, "Why?"

Well, considering the lies we as men have been told by the media and by society in general about what women supposedly want, it's no wonder so many of us find ourselves asking hard questions when things don't work.

I mean, who wants to feel like a victim? Certainly not any self-respecting guy among us!

So how about it? Does any (or perhaps all) of this sound hauntingly familiar?


" Scot understands what men need to do to make women feel more sexy, confident, luscious and happy. And as I always say, when mama’s happy, everybody’s happy! Truly, the proof is in Scot’s successful, heartfelt and hot marriage."
--Allana Pratt (Dating and Relationship coach, SexySoulfulAndRich.com)


After all, if you ask women what they want, they'll say certain things. They'll give you the "party line". They'll talk about how they dream of a nice guy who brings them flowers, someone who is sensitive, and someone who "listens". (What does that even mean anyway?)

You may have even come to your own conclusions about what women want. You've always assumed they want a "protector" and a "provider". But what is that really about? What if their definition is different than your definition?

And what about the "strong silent type" versus someone who makes them laugh? How can one guy be both?

All the while, having heard the stories and fables about what women want, we as guys can't help but focus on how we're probably not it. And we can only hope that in our utter desperation we don't end up settling for the wrong woman who ends up taking us to the cleaners.


"Most Pickup Artists Are 'Painting By Numbers'...And That's Not Much Of An 'Art' At All."


But the most frustrating part? All around you there are guys who aren't tall, dark or handsome--but they have amazing women by their side nonetheless.

Do women want a "nice guy"? Obviously not. But do they really want a jerk instead? Does a high quality woman want to be mistreated? Decidedly not!

Forget what you've been told. The man they want is someone masculine in the way they understand it...yet so few guys can meet that challenge.

Why is that? Simple. We don't understand them. And the most tragic part? It's probably because we never tried to.


"He has some very interesting things to say about how to become more successful with women and dating. Not just how to meet a lot of women, but how to go from being GOOD with women to being AMAZING with women.

If you're already good with women, listening to what my friend has to say JUST ONCE will improve your game significantly."
--David DeAngelo (Double Your Dating)


Seriously...have you been told your whole life that women cannot be understood, so you might as well give up?

Well, it's time to change that destructive mindset once and for all.

I'm writing this letter to you because I've discovered something that every man should know, and I know in my heart that it's nothing short of a moral imperative to tell you about it.

After all, it was only when I embarked upon the hours upon hours of research necessary to arrive at the findings I'm about to share with you that things changed radically for the better. And I'm certainly nobody "special". I'm a normal guy just like you who puts his pants on one leg at a time.

The only difference is that one day I decided to stop assuming that women couldn't be figured out. I decided to stop giving in to that powerless feeling. And over time, I achieved nothing short of shocking results.

I realized that women indeed followed very predictable patterns of behavior. In the "real world" they all tended to want the same things and react to various situations in similar ways...often in breathtaking contrast to what they had said were their thoughts and desires.

As I became bolder and more confident based on what I knew, women began to feel more comfortable in my presence. And they responded powerfully to me in ways I thought were only found in those presumably "fictional" locker room stories told by other guys.


"Finally Become A Man Who GETS IT, Instead Of Just Trying To GET SOME."


Even my own ex-wife--who had left me a few years earlier without being able to give a solid reason why--was suddenly wanting to come back into my life. And she was emanating a sexual energy that I never knew existed within her. I seriously couldn't believe my eyes.

And it was all because I simply decided to believe that women really could be understood by a man...and did something about it. That's it...that's all there was to it.

Yes, it has involved over six years of ongoing research to get to where things are today. But the end result? I'm now in a relationship with the greatest woman I've ever met, who adores me and can't stop doing amazing and wonderful things for me.

Better yet, she actually appreciates the amazing and wonderful things I do for her. No games, no drama, and certainly no nagging...ever.

The best part of all? I'm convinced you can have the same kind of terrific woman in your life...or several of them, if you prefer--even if you've been frustrated by women over and over again until now.

And I'm ready to tell you the untold secrets that most men automatically assume they'll never have the privilege of knowing.


Let's face it, most of us as guys do not want to become pickup artists. What we really want is to have a great girlfriend--or several on the way to meeting that one fantastic woman for us.

You may already suspect that there's more to life than notching your bedpost with a different stranger every night. Although that might sound nice from a purely sexual perspective, women have so very much more to offer.

Having the ability to understand women opens the door to magical, transcendent experiences with them that other guys might never even know they're missing.

When you understand women, you are a man who brandishes the considerable power to transform any and every moment spent with a woman into an unforgettable memory.

You can--at will--instantly recapture the energy of sexual tension as if you and she were 18-year-olds meeting each other for the first time at college freshman orientation...whether you've known each other for ten years or ten minutes.

Instead of wading around in a kiddie pool of pickup lines, canned openers and "seduction techniques", understanding women affords you the right as a man to surf the big waves of deep attraction and supernatural connection with the woman of your dreams.

It's a world of inside jokes, communicating meaningfully with but a simple gaze into each other's eyes, driving with her head on your shoulder, and skinny dipping under the moonlight when nobody else is around.

When you've learned the disarmingly simple art of Chick Whispering, she'll look upon you adoringly with "The Glow" on her face--made all the more beautiful by her powerful attraction for you. Every day tasks like food shopping, putting gas in the car, doing the laundry and even cooking dinner become exciting adventures.

And what happens in the bedroom afterward defies any description I can offer...and certainly any expectation you can imagine.

There's even a "secret code" between you when you meet the parents for the first time. And you finish each other's sentences when you're among friends...the same friends who quite possibly can only silently hope to have the kind of relationship you have some day.

Chick Whispering is all those things and much more. You can't "paint by numbers" to get there, so there's no checklist per se. But in 214 pages what you will find is a very clear path to quickly and easily becoming the man who truly "gets it" instead of just settling for "getting some".


Over two full years ago I began compiling every shred of what I've learned about how women think, how they act and especially how they interact with us as men into one definitive volume. Having hosted a podcast on the subject of understanding women for a few years now, I decided (appropriately enough) to name the book after the podcast that inspired it.

And now--at long last--I'm ready to unveil Chick Whispering to you...right here and right now.

I have to tell you, what you'll discover as you read it may not be what you expect. In fact, it's my firm belief that the very foundations of your thought processes as far as women are concerned will be challenged in a way that completely fries your circuits.

But that's a good thing. In fact, so many men have fallen into the devious trap of believing that women think the way we as men do that simply having access to this information will put you way, way ahead of the vast majority of other guys.


"The Hard Truth Is That Most Men Settle For Women They Never Really Chose, And Spend Their Entire Lives Silently Pining Away For That One Great Woman Who They Let Slip Away."


You're about to discover the patterns that women openly demonstrate on a daily basis--all around you, in fact--that you may simply have been overlooking for all these years. And because I describe these patterns in a clear way that flat-out makes sense, it'll be like the veil has been lifted and you're finally able to see what's been in front of you all along.

Now don't expect the kind of "step-by-step" checklist to getting this right that you've come to expect from other dating and seduction programs. Why not? Because that's not how women think.

In order to get inside a woman's mind and truly see the light, I share stories and examples with you that literally put you in her world--followed, of course, by clear action steps of how you can apply what I've shown you to real life.



Forget about fawning over beautiful women, and instead take your pick from among the many amazing women who already know you're a great catch.


Never again settle for women who fall short of your high expectations.


Represent what women really want, and start calling the shots in your social life.


Break the pattern of ending up with women who make your life a total mess...and start spending quality time with the right ones.


Finally be the man who effortlessly enchants women in a way that thoroughly confounds even your closest friends.


Maximize every hidden natural gift you have and become a true "overachiever" with the opposite sex.


Understand why women subject other guys to "rejection", and make sure it never happens to you again.


Here's the way it is. Women have little patience for a man who doesn't understand their needs. They want a man who leads confidently, and who makes her feel safe and secure in his presence.

The hard truth is that you can't be that guy if you're still trying to "fake it 'til you make it." Yet, with so many of us as men failing to step up and be the man who women are naturally attracted to, it's obvious that we need to take drastic measures.

That's why I didn't hold back when I wrote Chick Whispering. Not one bit.

In fact, just for good measure, even after I completed the e-book, I decided "good enough" wasn't nearly sufficient. I wanted to make sure that you had every single advantage possible when it came to understanding and relating to women.

So when you log into the Chick Whispering Member's Area, you can expect to find--in addition to the e-book--a whopping ten additional modules that amplify what's in the book and add the perspective of other world-class experts...including both men and women, as you'd expect.

In other words, you're about to experience a fuller and more complete understanding of women from every conceivable angle. You may even end up understanding women better than they understand themselves. (And no kidding, I've had women tell me that almost word for word!)

So on with the part you've been waiting for...here's exactly what you can expect to receive:



E-BOOK:  Chick Whispering

Discover what women crave and how to be the guy who represents it to them...even as you remain your true, authentic self.

Find out how you can apply your newfound understanding of women in practical "real-world" ways that are nothing short of mind-blowing to women who have been starved for a man who finally gets them.

Even learn to decode women's signals with such stunning accuracy that you're able to know their wants and needs even before they do, all the while cutting through any tricks, manipulation, "tests" or other potential roadblocks on the fast-track to true intimacy.

Go far beyond pickup and seduction, weeding out the wrong women and knowing exactly how to relate to the right ones for as long as you see fit--whether that's for an evening or a lifetime. The secrets to all that and more are yours in this 214-page e-book, which you can be reading within five minutes from now.


Chick Whispering--Additional Modules


MODULE 1:  Relating To Women Authentically -- with Stephen Nash

Cutting Edge Image Consulting's Stephen Nash discusses the finer points of relating to women as your genuine, authentic, masculine self--and having it work to the benefit (and delight) of everyone involved.


MODULE 2:  Relating To Women From Other Countries And Cultures -- with Carlos Duran

Join Carlos Duran from Love Without Borders and I for a free-wheeling discussion about how exactly to meet and attract women from other countries and cultures. No matter where you travel in the world, you can be successful with the amazing women you meet there. Carlos shares all of his secrets in his inimitable, high-energy style.


MODULE 3:  Dating Younger Women -- With Dean Cortez

M.A.C.K. Tactics' Dean Cortez joins me for a frank and entertaining discussion on the pros and cons of dating hot, energetic and sexy younger women, and exactly how to interact with them to create massive attraction--no matter what your age. Is dating younger women for you? We report, you decide...


MODULE 4:  Communicating With Women In Long-Term Relationships -- With Sebastian Drake

Sebastian Drake is a crowd favorite, and for good reason. He respects women and women respect him in return. Enjoy this laid-back conversation featuring best strategies for communicating with women and understanding their needs and desires over the course of a long- term relationship.


MODULE 5:  Speaking Womanese -- with Jason Claiborne

Jason Claiborne is the author of How To Speak Womanese and actually owns the trademark for the term "womanese". So you can bet that when he and I sat down together to discuss what it means to understand women some outstanding (and at times very entertaining) original content came from it all.


MODULE 6:  How To Understand Women -- with Marie Forleo

As a frequent guest of David DeAngelo and others, Marie Forleo has proven time and again to be one of the most gifted experts on this planet when it comes to articulating ways men can improve their skills with women. In this striking discussion, Marie will share with you some golden insights into understanding women. Also discover powerful ways to identify both manipulative women and immature women, saving you now from a world of hassle later.


MODULE 7:  A Guide To Dealing With Sharp And Successful Women -- with Alicia Dunams

Alicia's specialty is actually teaching women how to forget about marrying millionaires and become millionaires in their own right instead. So who better to address the subject of how guys can attract and relate to particularly intelligent, motivated and even financially successful women?


MODULE 8:  Four Types Of Women -- with Amy Waterman

Amy Waterman from 000Relationships drops by to discuss how to attract four very different types of women and keep them attracted. What Amy shares may flat-out surprise you, but as always you can count on her to deliver a balanced approach to dating and relationship advice that is clearly about empowering both men and women at all times.


MODULE 9:  How To Creep People Out In 12 Easy Steps:  The Bonehead's Guide To Blowing First Dates

Let's face it, there's nothing worse than having a woman cut things off after a date, never to be heard from again. All too often you're left wondering what could have possibly gone wrong. Well, consider this special report the ultimate "head check"...containing all the things your friends will probably never tell you. Discover a full dozen ways guys often crater first dates--and make sure it never happens to you EVER again.


MODULE 10:  Initiating Sex -- by Alex Allman

World-class sex expert Alex Allman explains exactly how to initiate sex with a woman in this exclusive EXTRA e-book. Keep her comfort level and attraction high, even as you virtually eliminate any likelihood of rejection.




Claim Your Very Own Copy Of Chick Whispering

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Chick Whispering

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If you've read this far, my educated guess is that you already know that Chick Whispering is exactly what you've been looking for.

As with everything else from X & Y Communications, Chick Whispering is all about pure excellence. If there is any information I've discovered that will add up to you understanding and relating to women better, it's in there.

What that means, in plain English, is that even as you watch every other guy out there crash and burn with women, you'll be one of the elite few who steps up and succeeds--even with the highest quality women on Earth.

Why do so many men fail? Seriously, it's almost always because they simply never asked for directions. They live their entire lives assuming women think like we as men do. And let me tell you, I seriously can't think of a more costly mistake than that.

So listen up...knowing that Chick Whispering is going to be like pure gold to any man who hears it, I want you to be able to get your hands on this groundbreaking program as quickly and as easily as modern technology possibly allows.

That's why Chick Whispering is presented to you in standard MP3 audio and Adobe PDF format.

This means that you'll be able to download Chick Whispering immediately from the state-of-the-art Member's Area...without being forced to wait for shipping.


COST EFFECTIVE ACCESS -- Get what you really want:  Life-changing content for a far lower investment than ever has been possible before...all thanks to the digital age.

READ CHICK WHISPERING WITHIN FIVE MINUTES -- You'll be able to download directly from the Member's Area. No shipping, no waiting.

iPOD FRIENDLY AUDIO PROGRAMS -- Download the audio modules early and often, directly to your iPod--complete with album art and logical titles for easy reference. Even burn your own CDs quickly and easily if you must.

ACCESS ANYTIME, ANYWHERE -- Your content is always available to you on demand 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world.

NO MORE SCRATCHED UP CDs -- No more discs falling between the seats in your car to get lost and/or ruined. No botched or broken CDs, no defective products, nothing misplaced, nothing borrowed or stolen, no regrets.

DYNAMIC UPDATES ARE YOURS -- Flexible media means you'll get surprise bonuses and updates as they happen, all at no extra charge. I'll even notify you when they're available.

NO HIDDEN COSTS -- Pay one time, get unlimited access to the Member's Area. No surprises, no games.


By now, you may be asking yourself who in the world doesn't need Chick Whispering?

Well, if you're already one of the rare (but extraordinarily fortunate) men among us who has an almost telepathic understanding of women, such that they're already pretty much attracted to you like kitties to catnip, then I salute you. Not only is Chick Whispering not for you, but I'd love for you to contact me to I can interview you for the next bonus!

Similarly, I guess if you are uninterested in developing deep, lasting relationships with high quality women--and are all about scoring a series of one-night-stands instead--then you might be able to get by without understanding women very well.

Then again, the plain truth is that understanding women better than the vast majority of other men do carries tremendous benefits even when meeting women for the first time, right?

Face it. When you get right down to it, women are real human beings. And fact remains that the greatest ones aren't fooled. They aren't going to buy into what a typical PUA is selling.

If you are crazy enough to meet women without the advantage of knowing how their hearts and minds work, you'll also have to be content to take your chances with the type of poisonous women you attract as a direct result.


"If You Think It's Impossible To Understand Women, It's Probably Not Your Fault. After All, We've Been Told This Our Entire Lives...Until Now."


And think about it...considering how easy it really is to understand women better, would you really have it any other way? Can you really respect a woman who falls for "tactics" and "openers" hook, line and sinker?

But there's a deeper--and darker--question to ask yourself. What will happen if you push aside this golden opportunity to get insider information into how women think, feel and act?

Will you always be left to wonder why the women you truly wanted always continued to elude you?

Will you ever get out of the dreaded "Just Be Friends Zone"?

The hard truth is that most men remain complacent, settle for women they never really chose, and spend their entire lives silently pining away for that one great woman who they let slip away.

Why does this happen? Because most guys in this day and age never reach out and grasp the brass ring. Even though success is ever so close, most guys are apparently content to live a life lived in mediocrity...all because change wasn't as "convenient" as waking up today and doing the same thing as yesterday.

Whatever you do, don't be that guy.


"It's As Simple As This: Guys Who Don't Get Women Don't Get Women...Get It?"


By now you know my passion in life is to take you from good to great in your relationships with women. My vision for you is infinitely greater than anything close to "settling". In fact, my vision for you may even be greater than the one you have for yourself right now.

And if so, that's probably not your fault. Each and every one of us has been subject to a modern, media-driven culture that reinforces the myth that we as men will never understand women...over and over and over again.

That's why Chick Whispering is about a permanent shift in how you view women. And therefore, it's about a permanent shift in how you create attraction.

So what could be more crucial at this very moment than to accept this formal invitation into a world where so few man ever enter?

Chick Whispering represents your ultimate chance to get inside the mind of the opposite sex. Life is too short to continue "playing it by ear" in your interactions with women. The time to move is now.

Still not convinced yet? If that's somehow the case, here's just a partial sampling of some of the valuable secrets you can begin applying to your real-world interactions with women immediately--all of which are covered in detail within the pages of the Chick Whispering e-book:


  Discover the DISARMINGLY SIMPLE but MOST OVERLOOKED SECRET to understanding women...all in NINE LITTLE WORDS. [Page 11]


  The ONE THING in life that we tend to get LESS OF the HARDER WE WORK FOR IT. Yet most of us TRY AND TRY ANYWAY to attain it, even though we end up like hamsters on a wheel. [Page 17]


  The UNDERLYING RULE for wildly effective social interaction...and FOUR WAYS we tend to KEEP OURSELVES FROM SUCCEEDING. [Pages 19-21]


  Why men who complain that women are "DEAD LAYS" actually hold the KEYS TO CHANGING THAT...effective immediately. [Page 21]


  How to STOP CHASING and START CHOOSING...thereby taking back TOTAL CONTROL over your dating life. [Page 24]


  FINALLY REVEALED: Why most men THINK women DON'T LIKE SEX...when the truth is they may even like it MORE THAN US. Find out how to LIFT THE VEIL and bring out the SECRET UNDERCOVER VIXEN in ANY WOMAN. [Page 25]


  Forget what you've been told...women aren't trying to KEEP YOU from being successful. In fact, they DESPERATELY WANT YOU to succeed with them. Here's why... [Page 32]


  Six ways To MAN UP...starting RIGHT NOW. [Pages 33-37]


  How to get what you want WITHOUT FEELING SELFISH. [Page 39]


  The ONE MAGICAL TRAIT that men who understand women BOLDLY PUT ON DISPLAY...even as men who DON'T understand women try to hide it. [Page 41]


  EXACTLY WHY trying to "get the lay" usually means YOU WON'T...and WHAT TO DO about it. [Page 45]


  What EVERY WOMAN CRAVES MOST...and how to represent yourself as the guy who can SATISFY HER. [Page 46]


  An OUTRAGEOUS but RIDICULOUSLY EFFECTIVE way to gauge whether you're the man you REALLY WANT TO BE in EIGHT KEY AREAS. [Pages 51-53]


  Shockingly easy ways to regain FULL CONTROL over your dating life. [Pages 54-57]


  Are you getting better with women DESPITE YOURSELF? Here are SIX CONCRETE WAYS to find out if how you're interacting with women is HELPING OR HURTING YOU. [Pages 61-62]


  The FOOLPROOF WAY to make sure that "JUST BEING YOURSELF" actually WORKS FOR YOU. [Page 64]


  A MYSTIFYING MINDSET that will transform you ALMOST OVERNIGHT from a man to unconsciously limits his own success with the ladies into a VIRTUAL ROCK STAR in the eyes of the HIGHEST QUALITY WOMEN. [Page 67]


  The ALMOST SCIENTIFIC REASON why you're probably getting EXACTLY the type of women you're TRYING TO ATTRACT...whether you LIKE IT OR NOT. (HINT: This isn't about the "Law Of Attraction") [Page 73]


  The real definition of ONE-ITIS...and it's PROBABLY NOT what you think it is. [Page 77]


  Once and for all...why "FAKE IT 'TIL YOU MAKE IT" is a DISASTROUS STRATEGY when it comes to understanding and relating to women. [Page 79]


  The definitive guide to NEVER BEING MANIPULATED by a woman EVER AGAIN. [Pages 84-87]


  Would you say that REJECTION your BIGGEST FEAR? Here is a SHOCKING REVELATION that could radically change how you think FOREVER. [Page 88]


  A true GATEWAY TO SUCCESS that is all but IGNORED by nearly EVERY MAN ON EARTH. This ONE SIMPLE TRUTH could take you from dating ZERO WOMEN to SEVERAL WOMEN almost overnight. [Page 93]


  Why even the most HARDCORE PUA TRAINING usually leaves most guys COMPLETELY BLINDSIDED when the RIGHT WOMAN comes along. [Page 101]


  An INCREDIBLY POTENT exercise for positioning yourself as the man who WINS WITH WOMEN...even in the eyes of OTHER GUYS. [Pages 104-107]


  Six ways to tell when you've RAISED THE BAR and are finally "OVERACHIEVING" with women. [Page 108]


  Very real ways we PLAY EVIL TRICKS ON OURSELVES when meeting women on dating sites...and how to put a PERMANENT END to the madness. [Page 114]


  How to STOP thinking of the opposite sex as "THE ENEMY"...and instead turn women into your GREATEST ALLY everywhere you go. [Page 119]


  Are women really all about TEASING US, or what? See if you can HANDLE THE TRUTH. [Page 122]


  What women REALLY THINK about APPROACH ANXIETY. CAUTION: Prepare to have your MIND BLOWN. [Pages 125-128]


  Think that being "Mr. Nice Guy" is ALWAYS A PROBLEM? Guess again... [Pages 129-133]


  Six types of COURAGE...and why EVERY SINGLE MAN who understands women KNOWS THEM BY HEART. [Pages 134-138]


  The FATAL MISTAKE most men make when trying to BUILD RAPPORT with a PARTICULARLY CUTE GIRL. [Page 139]


  How to MASTER VALENTINE'S DAY once and for all...without getting TAKEN TO THE CLEANERS. [Pages 143-144]


  FINALLY REVEALED: Why some beautiful women seem to hook up with THE BIGGEST LOSERS EVER. Read this and solve the mystery forevermore. [Page 147]


  SIX DEFINITIVE WAYS to tell if she's PSYCHO...from a MAN WHO KNOWS. [Pages 151-155]


  Are you BLAMING YOURSELF for problems with women that ARE NOT YOUR FAULT? End the GUILT--and the "GUESSWORK"--forever. [Page 156]


  The REAL REASON why women BAIL ON YOU...usually WITHOUT A TRACE. [Page 159]


  Exactly how to proceed when she says she HAS A BOYFRIEND. [Pages 163-168]


  Do you know the difference between PICKUP and SEDUCTION? How you answer that question MEANS EVERYTHING. [Page 171]


  Seven SUREFIRE SIGNS that you are SETTLING FOR THE WRONG WOMAN. Take the hints and DESERVE BETTER. [Pages 174-178]


  Are you giving yourself a LAME EXCUSE for staying with a woman you should break up with? Here are SIX OF THE MOST COMMON. Don't let a woman brainwash you into sticking around when EVEN SHE KNOWS you shouldn't. [Pages 170-183]


  How perfectly decent men find themselves COMPLETELY P-WHIPPED without ever even knowing WHAT HIT THEM. Frightened? You SHOULD BE... [Page 185]


  How to be IN CONTROL without being a CONTROLLER. [Pages 189-191]


  Have you been dating the same woman forever...but still won't MARRY HER? Chances are THIS IS WHY. [Pages 192-195]


  The secret ways HIGH QUALITY WOMEN instinctively know how to get a man to MARRY THEM. [Pages 195-196]


  How to know when it's time to GO EXCLUSIVE with a woman you're dating...and how to know WHEN NOT TO. [Pages 197-202]


  In plain English: Why guys who chase ONE NIGHT STANDS end up CHEATING THEMSELVES out of AMAZING EXPERIENCES with women. [Page 203]


  The ELUSIVE TRUTH behind the meaning of "EFFORTLESS SUCCESS" with women. [Page 207]


...plus MUCH, MUCH more. (And that's just in the E-BOOK alone)



By now, I'm sure you are every bit as excited about the release of Chick Whispering as I am.

So I want to make sure to cover all the important details for you...


Here's What You Get:

  The complete Chick Whispering e-book, 214 pages

  All ten additional modules, in MP3 or PDF format

  Each amazing Extra Value Bonus (which I'll tell you about in a bit)

  Three Fast Action Bonuses (you'll find out about those below, also)

  Full 24/7/365 access to the Member's Area

  Complete, full access to all future additions to the program...forever


And here's what's probably the most amazing part, given the immense amount of value I've already packed into Chick Whispering:  I have personally reserved a copy for you at the special price of:  $197   $147


Nope... Just $47 for a limited time!


That's far less than what a single hour of one-on-one coaching time with me usually costs, yet I'm delivering every single secret you need to understand and relate to women better...starting today. You'll even hear from no fewer than nine other world-class experts as part of the package.


...And then there are the generous Extra Value and Fast-Action Bonuses!

What's more, you can buy with 100% confidence. We use highly-respected Plimus.com for secure, efficient order fulfillment. You'll always have total control over your account...including the payment and refund processes.



Claim Your Very Own Copy Of Chick Whispering
Claim Your Copy Of
Chick Whispering


Use Any Major Credit Card Or Paypal

Acquire Chick Whispering And Begin Reading Within Five Minutes


Immediately after you order, you'll be directed to the Private Member's Area, where you'll have full and complete access to everything...without having to wait for shipping.

That way, you can get started putting Chick Whispering into effect within five minutes from now.

And you'll continue to have access 24 hours a day, seven days a week--whenever is convenient for you. You can access the Member's Area from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection.

And as new updates are released, you'll have full and immediate access to those also.

You've no doubt already realized that living a life devoid of anything short of a full understanding of exactly how women operate could cost you way, way more than this program will.

Nonetheless, I'm going to share with you every secret that I've got...without holding back even a single bit.

In fact, I have been all but obsessed about engineering Chick Whispering to be the only program for men ever produced that focuses on understanding and relating to women at the unprecedented level it does.

That way there are no disappointments...only the full expectation that both you and your dating life will experience the magnificent transformation you're looking for. In fact, you just might indeed end up understanding women better than they understand themselves.

I know it sounds flat-out crazy, but I stand behind that claim 100%...which is why every copy of Chick Whispering comes with an ironclad...


Unconditional 365 Day Money-Back Guarantee


That's not a misprint. You can take up to a full year to decide. If Chick Whispering doesn't lift the veil of secrecy surrounding how women think and open up an incredible new dimension to your success with women, I will personally (and promptly) issue you a full refund.

You really cannot lose. Even if you email me on the 366th day, I'll still refund your money if you aren't fully satisfied.

Like I said, you'll even have complete control over the refund process thanks to Plimus.com ...without games or hassles. That's how positive I am that you'll be wishing you had access to Chick Whispering years ago.

The information you are about to discover in it is like none other, and you have no risk thanks to our 100% money-back guarantee.

Basically, given the small investment and large guarantee involved here, my steadfast goal is to make it incredibly easy for you to get your hands on it...because every man should be able to.

And with that in mind, I'm even going so far as to offer Three Extra Value Bonuses to you at no additional charge:


Sticking Points:  SOLVED
EXTRA VALUE BONUS #1--Sticking Points:  Solved   ($27 Value)

by Scot McKay

In this full-length 162-page e-book, I'm going to share with you the 50 greatest e-mails I've ever received...all from guys like you all over the world.

Every message has been hand-selected specifically because it addresses a particular issue or "sticking point" common to men everywhere. This can only mean one thing: As you read through my responses to each one, you'll uncover secrets to overcoming just about any issue you can think of when it comes to success with women. You name it, it's covered.

And you don't have to worry about being bothered with "theoretical answers" to questions nobody is asking. Because the questions come directly from real guys, you can expect a steady stream of practical advice that you can put to good use starting today.

Sticking Points:  Solved has never been released to the world before, and when it does you can expect it to fly off the shelves at $27 a copy. But you'll have already secured your bonus copy of the full version months ahead of time...all as a part of the Chick Whispering package.


Expert Level Communication
EXTRA VALUE BONUS #2--Telecom Game -- Everything You Need For Instant Success When Phoning And Texting Women   ($27 Value)

by Scot McKay

So you've approached a woman and she's given you her number. The next thing most guys ask is, "Now what?"

Well, talking to women on the phone doesn't have to be a hang-up ever again, thanks to this full-length audio program.

Originally sold as a stand-alone program for $27 and later included in the epic program The Leading Man, Telecom Game is jam-packed with practical tips on when to call a woman, what to do when you call her (including how to handle voice mail), ways to make sure the first call goes well, and exactly how to flirt via text messaging.

I'll even show you secret strategies for setting up your phone and your call plan in a way that maximizes success with women. Plus, you'll discover what to do when she doesn't call back.

Best of all, you'll get top-secret detailed instructions on how to powerfully ignite a woman's sexual passion over the phone...the sky's the limit!


Power Sessions For Men
EXTRA VALUE BONUS #3--Monthly Membership:   Power Sessions For Men
  (Optional)   ($27 Value)

Power Sessions For Men transcends mere tips, tricks and tactics and positions you to be a man who deserves the very highest echelon of women.

If you are among the majority of men who would rather have one amazing woman to build a life with than an endless string of one-night stands, this program is for you. Power Sessions For Men represents my absolute most advanced level of teaching, and is reserved for the elite among men who are committed to going from good to great.

Every month, as part of my inner circle, I'll send you audios, videos and/or special reports breaking down specific components of what it takes to be a man who deserves the very best.

What's more, I'll answer your e-mails directly. That's right, e-mail coaching from me personally is included in the program.

Wherever you are today, reinvent yourself into a man who enjoys what few men ever will--the rush of knowing you are with the highest quality woman in the room wherever you go. Become a part of the "Deserving Community" today.

With your order of Chick Whispering, you'll have the opportunity to join the Power Sessions For Men inner circle, and we won't bill you until the end of your first month. Subsequent monthly programs are $27 each. As you would expect, Power Sessions For Men comes with an unconditional 365-day guarantee and you can easily cancel at any time.



But Wait...   I'm Not Quite Done Yet!


Since Chick Whispering is all about taking bold action to become the man who understands women better than most men think possible, my plan is to reward those who act fast.

Let's face it, if you are truly passionate about relating to women at a whole new level you probably can't wait to get your hands on Chick Whispering.

And I happen to believe it's you--and all others like you who act fast--who have the very best chance not only to see massive results, but to see them happen at lightning speed.

So, with that in mind, I've set aside Three Fast Action Bonuses just for you.

To be sure, this represents nothing short of pure extra value in addition to everything else jam-packed into the Chick Whispering package. But you've got to move quickly. Seriously, quantities are limited, and as guys claim these they are going to start disappearing...quite possibly within hours from now!


LIVE 1-on-1 Phone Consultation

FAST ACTION BONUS #1-- LIVE 1-On-1 Phone Consultation  (Regularly $97)

IMPORTANT:  Strictly Limited To The First Fifty Guys Only

Are you kidding me? Absolutely not. This is a $97 value by itself... If you act extremely fast, I'm going to extend to you the golden opportunity to pick my brain for a full half-hour. And we're talking live, and person-to-person.

Just to clarify, this is not some group teleseminar. I realize you may have very unique questions and/or sticking points specific to your own experience. This 1-on-1 call with me is custom-designed to address what's on your mind.

This is the way to kick your results into overdrive. I know from tons of experience that's the case, which is exactly why I'm opening my schedule to you...all at no extra charge.

But make no mistake, I've got the same 24 hours in my day as anyone else, so I simply cannot keep this bonus online for long at all. In fact, since this bonus is very real and therefore involves very real time on the schedule, I'm sure you can easily understand why only the first fifty guys lucky enough to reserve their copy of Chick Whispering will receive this extra-special bonus...after that, it'll disappear.


The Chick Whisperer Podcast

FAST ACTION BONUS #2-- The Chick Whisperer Podcast -- Rare Episodes From The Vault  (Regularly $27)

IMPORTANT:  Strictly Limited To The First 150 Guys Only

If you're a listener to The Chick Whisperer show, you know by now that the first nine episodes have long since been retired. And those shows are pretty much made of unobtanium nowadays, unless of course you're willing to part with $27 at the X & Y Communications Store.

Well, considering that Chick Whispering was inspired by the podcast, I'd say it's time to blow the dust off of those early episodes and make sure you can listen to the entire archive of shows. I'm doing exactly that and forking them all over to you when you pull the trigger on Chick Whispering right now.

Believe me, there is some killer content in these first shows, so it's just not right to keep them to myself any longer. Just for good measure, I'll even send you the link to the secret download area where you can access every archived show on demand from one convenient place. It just doesn't get any easier...


Cook For Your Date

FAST ACTION BONUS #3-- Cook For Your Date  (Regularly $27)

IMPORTANT:  Strictly Limited To The First 250 Guys Only

Yes, you're reading this correctly. Even though it sells like mad all day long at $27, I'm going to hand you a fully-loaded, unabridged, 220-page copy of what has come to be affectionately known as the "Nuclear Weapon" around here. That's my e-book Cook For Your Date.

In considering what would be a truly killer fast-action bonus for you, I figured that a step-by-step guide to hitting every single hot-button in the general vicinity of a woman's heart and mind may be sort of appropriate. So yes...here's the groundbreaking book that played a huge part in landing me a coveted spot on David DeAngelo's Interviews With Dating Gurus series within 45 days of opening shop.

In it I'm going to show you exactly how to invite a woman to dinner at your place, how to prepare so that potential snafus are all but impossible, how to make the dinner itself great and even what to do after dinner to ensure a happy ending to the whole visit.

Quite literally, Cook For Your Date makes sure absolutely nothing is left to chance. There's even a full section of recipes especially designed to be easy to prepare yet delicious and spectacular to behold. Even if you can't boil water, you can Cook For Your Date.



  • Finally...Understand Women And Experience Real Success With Them
  • Get The Expert Perspective Of Both Men And Women
  • Value-Packed Content Covering Every Angle
  • Stacked Bonuses With Real Value...All At No Extra Charge
  • Proven Track Record Of Success


This and every X & Y Communications purchase is guaranteed for a full year. If you do not see results, we don't get paid. It's as simple as that. You even have full control over the entire process thanks to Plimus.com...no games.



Claim Your Very Own Copy Of Chick Whispering

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Chick Whispering


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So Where Do You Stand When It Comes To Understanding Women?

Are You The Kind Of Man Who Can Enrapture A Woman's Imagination To The Point Where She Declares You "The Man Of Her Dreams"?


If your answer to either or both of these questions is "not even close", then you could be on your way to living a life of quiet desperation like so many other "average" guys.

But if Chick Whispering changes your life even in a small way when it comes to gaining insight into how women think, and thereby revolutionizes your power to attract the kind of women you really want, how much is that worth to you?

For most, such a valuable transformation is nothing short of priceless.

And in fact, living the charmed life of the few elite guys who truly get women is nothing more than a pipe dream in the mind of just about everyone.

Yet, I guarantee success.

Far too many of us as men--brainwashed by media and culture--have thrown in the towel on the idea of understanding women...without even trying. Yet all the while, women are clamoring for the attention of the very few guys who have the courage to step up to the plate and literally get them.

I consider this state of affairs to be one of the most ironic phenomena of the 21st century. Truly, for almost every man wild success with women is so close yet so far away.

It's time for you to take action. Bold action.

Chick Whispering is about representing every single dimension of what high quality women want in a man...and doing so quickly and easily.

All it takes is knowing the untold secrets of how they think and feel...and responding as a man can and should. It's time for you to captivate the women who will appreciate it the most--feminine, emotionally stable, beautiful women who are fed up with pretenders.

Finally understand women and achieve what most guys view as the equivalent of roping the wind: : Earn a great woman's eternal respect, admiration and...yes...her love.

You must accept no substitute for this...ever.


So let's wrap it up. It's like this:  If you have no clue whatsoever about what's going on in a woman's mind, you'll always turn up empty handed when it comes to getting her to stick around for very long.

Chick Whispering has been engineered to be the comprehensive program on getting all of that right, once and for all.

As such, its development was not taken lightly. An untold number of hours were spent creating Chick Whispering, and it was only ready to place into your hands when I was confident every single angle had been carefully crafted to deliver nonstop, hard-hitting original content that will inspire you to the very core in a way no pickup artist training can.

And what's more, what I'm going to share with you will not only inspire you...it'll inspire women. The right women, for a change.

The day has finally come, and the complete plan for finally knowing how women think and what they want is here. I look forward to delivering Chick Whispering to you today, and can't wait to hear your success stories.


P.S.  Chick Whispering is your complete, all-inclusive plan for understanding and relating to women better than any guy you know.

P.P.S.  Remember, all the risk is on me thanks to my industry-leading 365-day money back guarantee. You can order with confidence.



Here's what men all over the world are saying about the tremendous
difference X & Y Communications had made in their lives.

Each testimonial is unsolicited and 100% genuine.


"The Material Hit Right At Home For Me"

"I've always been looking for something to learn how to grow as a man. Unfortunately, looking into PUA material, it had an opposite effect. The material you put out hit right at home for me."
--Hanson (Fresno, CA)


"I Knew I Met A High Quality Woman"

"Just wanted to let you know your advice has helped and it was really easy transitioning into a relationship. I knew I met a high quality woman...she's very articulate and straightforward with me."
--Richard (Culver City, CA)


"It's Good To See True Men Out There"

"You are just not the average PUA money machine, but a man with integrity and commitment. It's good to see true men out there. I can see why your relationship with your beautiful wife is flowering. Keep up the good work."
--Pete (Copenhagen, Denmark)


"You Are An Inspiration"

"Very impressed with your site and my purchase, also the
podcasts. You are an inspiration to us men so keep up the great work mate!"

--Mark (Brisbane, Australia)


"I Really Feel Empowered"

"I really feel empowered since reading your material and following your advice. "
--Michael (Yorba Linda, CA)


"This Is Exactly What I Needed"

"Thanks Scot, this is exactly what I needed. I think I've made a lot of improvements to my core just by the change in how women around me act."
--Steven (Calgary, AB)


"I Wish I Had Access To This Kind Of Information Years Ago"

"I wish I had access to this kind of information years ago, it would have really helped. Keep up the good work."
--Enich (Anchorage, AK)


"Influence I Didn't Know I Had"

"Thank you for helping me tap into the strength of my inner man and learn how to wield the power and influence I didn't know I had."
--Glenn (Atlanta, GA)


"I'm Becoming A Better Man"

"Your programs are awesome and since you practice what you preach, that makes it all the better. With your help I'm becoming a better man. So Thanks, I really appreciate all the hard work you do."
--Michael (Farwell, MN)


"I Am Dating A Wonderful Woman"

"Your material has helped me massively in my ’after marriage’ dating. I felt like a total idiot when I got dumped after 9 years of marriage and I was at a total ’lost’ point in my life. Today, only months after and after reading and listening to your material it seems so much better! I am dating a wonderful woman that I am seriously interested in, she seems to be into me too."
--Davur (Faroe Islands)


"Found My Hundred!!!"

"Found my hundred out of a hundred!!!"
--Steven (Norfolk, VA)


"Almost Ten Months With A Great Woman"

"Almost ten months with a great woman (thanks in part to your guidance and support)."
--Ken (Ft. Wayne, IN)


"What You Have To Say Is Really Helping Me Understand"

"What you have to say is really helping me understand dating better. I have read the other PUAs' books and did not really agree with all they have to say."
--Antonio (Guadalajara, Mexico)


"I Really Like Your Approach"

"I really like your approach to dating (and life). You are good at articulating thoughts about relationships and the proper mindset and character required if you want to attract a quality person."
--Bert (Rockford, IL)


"Your Material Lets Me Be More Natural"

"Thanks again Scot. Your material lets me be more natural in showing interest in woman...or I could say it teaches how to show interest the right way."
--Kaarthik (Pune, India)


For Over 150 More Testimonials, Along With A Listing Of Over 150 Media Outlets Featuring X & Y Communications, Please Visit This Page. Every X & Y Communications Testimonial Is Unsolicited And 100% Genuine.



  • Finally...Understand Women And Experience Real Success With Them
  • Get The Expert Perspective Of Both Men And Women
  • Value-Packed Content Covering Every Angle
  • Stacked Bonuses With Real Value...All At No Extra Charge
  • Proven Track Record Of Success


This and every X & Y Communications purchase is guaranteed for a full year. If you do not see results, we don't get paid. It's as simple as that. You even have full control over the entire process thanks to Plimus.com...no games.



Claim Your Very Own Copy Of Chick Whispering

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Chick Whispering


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